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Facilitating the Exchange of Knowledge & Training of Police Officers Throughout the World.

Police International Exchange Incorporated (Police
Xchange), is a non profit company based in the United States of America that provides both training and equipment to police agencies domestic and abroad.  We specialize in using current and active officers for training and consulting in every aspect of law enforcement. Equipment is donated or purchased and given to those in need. We travel or host law enforcement officers or agencies to accomplish like goals.

Support the security for our homeland and our partners abroad. With training for our first responders and police officers, we strengthen our commitment to preventing crime. It should be every American man and woman's duty to support the continued training of our police forces who protect and serve.

Donations keep us going!

Since we do not charge membership dues, this endeavor relies solely on donations, fundraisers, and grants to obtain finances to operate. The raised funds are used towards equipment, training, instructors, and all expenses used to facilitate our goals.